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My eyes are shattered glass

and red tears

and blue hopes

fly out like wing-clipped doves.

God I want to want to be alive, soon.

When I’m not sure whats wrong,

that’s like trying to place a band-aid

on the moon.

I used to pace around rooms

with sweat dripping

down my chin,

now it’s only salty tears;

and words

on how I don’t wanna be here

on how I’m tired of being

on how everything is hard

evaporate up to the clouds

centering my room.

I close fist my hands

and I tap my head

and I hit my…

And when you’re stuck

outside in bone

chilling wind,

you cross your fingers together.

You make them hug,

so that you can soon be in warm

indoors, among some working blankets and a fuzzy


And when you’re sandwiched

and snuggled nice, with no goosebumps

or cold pinked cheeks,

you cross your fingers together.

You make them hug,

so that soon some extra hands

and extra legs will make the bed even warmer

and full of heated laughter.

And when the blanket swells big

with an extra body that holds your own,

you cross your fingers together.

You make them hug,

so that soon you won’t need

anyone else to grin your lips.

You cross your fingers.

You make them hug,

so soon they won’t shut the door

on your still pinked face.

Both my feet cried when I stood

in the infinite line, among varied


The air sat on my skin

and made the hair on my arms stand

soldier straight.

Our mouths let out lovely

vapor as hot melted

into cold,

but I wouldn’t enter the inside

that could warm my hands

and Rudolph nose,

because of that snack bar,

that offered butter popcorn

and the bitter coffee

that I never chose,

and cotton candy too.

I saw the spinning sugar,

pink and blue crystals

made beautiful clouds that floated

lightly before my eyes.

How delicate your voice is


Please know the roses

I give you have not one dagger,

my love. I’ll cut off a hundred

thorns so no red flame

leaves cut skin. I eye

your love, less armored than a beetle.

The metal-faced robot

was puzzled together from old laptop

parts. He pulled on his pants

and tried his best to shake and dance

and even kept away viruses with sanitizer,

but sparked and died from coco-water.

The birthday cake

and it’s many bright sprinkles

felt heavy in hand,

weighed down

by some scattered uncharred candles.

I rained it with tears and caked it

with dirt,

with the unsteady soil

that tucked you in two days ago.

The meniscus mountain and it’s apple tree

hat and it’s red beetle pimples that a bird

kisses after kissing goodbye a homely sky.

Many big women

with circle drum bellies

and pancake thighs

are saved by hugging hands

that only they own.

I know I’m not

supposed to keep smiling

eyes far away

from my freezing body.

Hurting girls need sun

and die

when they don’t get it,

please don’t shake about the moon

coming and killing

the sun

you’re too scared to bask in.

I wrote this poem for my friend :)


oh word? 👁💋👁

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